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Kebab with love literally means roasted with love. Kebab is a word of Persian origin, it is said that the dish was invented during the Middle Ages by Persian soldiers who used their swords as a skewer to grill meat outside of their encampments. Here we add a lot of a love to the traditional Kebab, thanks to the marinating of low-temperature foods, a careful study of the spices, the use of seasonal products, and combinations that embrace faraway cultures.

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Our Kebab

Hand-made, crispy, seasonal and sustainable, also for vegetarians and vegans.

All the ingredients we use are chosen carefully, to ensure quality and sustainability. The local products are combined with exotic products, which Persian cuisine is rich of. A synergy between close and far, local and global, where oriental spices encounter raw materials of Sicily. JUN, roasted with love.

Brothers in Kebab

Three Sicilian-Persian brothers decide to return to Palermo to tell what they have experienced around the world through their cooking. Kebab as a passe-partout of the Mediterranean Sea, the culinary connecting link between Occident and Orient. A dish which has travelled across time and space, and that passing through ancient Persia has made its way to Europe, as well as the rest of the world. Here the Persian tradition meets Sicily.

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JUN - Kebab with love
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